• Carpets, we all know, do you know how carpets are made, what are the manufacturing processes?

    Needled carpets are made of carpet by repeatedly penetrating layers of fibrous mesh with a crochet hook that moves up and down. The process is to mix the fibers and then comb them into a mesh, overlapping several layers of mesh according to the thickness of the carpet. Pre-needling and pattern ne...
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  • Multiple uses of area rugs

    Whether you have hardwood floors you want to keep kids and pets out, unsightly wear or stains you want to hide, or you just need to add some brightness and warmth to a gaudy space, rugs have many uses. Finding the perfect rug online can be tricky, from finding the right size for your room to tryi...
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  • What a beautiful home! That’s the carpet!

    01 Color is always the first thing Carpets are especially useful when enriching the color of a home space. The area can be large or small, the color choice is many, but also can be easily shifted or replaced, the cost of trial and error is almost zero. So if you want to ...
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  • Carpet selection, very simple!

    Improve the level of home appearance, soft outfit collocation really wife is too important. For icing on the cake, carpet selection is important! Choose a good looking rug that will give your new home:   The ultra-high level of appearance embellishes the space. ② M...
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  • The methods of carpet of choose and buy

    1. Check the carpet quality test report:senfucarpets Carpet in the production and processing, carpet back glue in the manufacturing process, such as the use of latex and various kinds of compound inevitably saved some harmful substances in the products, such as: 4 – phenyl formaldehyde, sty...
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    HOW TO CHOOSE A CARPET Carpet as the floor material now, along with the social development, gradually has been accepted by the more commercial sites and civil market and consumption, carpet soft, comfortable and various aspects of performance are also constantly improve and perfect, compared with...
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  • How to care for your cowhide rug

    Do not buy a cow skin rug until you have seen this news and have learnt how to identify good verses bad quality leather. But anyway, we’re talking about how to take care cowhide rugs today. So, Basically with cowhide rugs, you want to vacuum them, just like you would be harmful, you can als...
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  • Some of the most popular carpet styles are introduced

    You know, It’s amazing the sheer survival options you’ve got for rugs today. Chenille, woven, shaggys, tuffted,faux rabbit fur, synthetic cashmere, Coral fleece, Is yet. I got to rugs come and all shapes, sizes and a spectacular array of colors. But.Can be sure’re picking out th...
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  • The development of Yancheng Senfu carpet

    February 1, 2006 Yancheng Senfu Decorative carpet Co., Ltd. was established. The main production and sales of all kinds of composite carpet, floor MATS based home series products.   March 1, 2009 Yancheng Senfu household products Co., Ltd. was established, with independent export rights. May 1, 2...
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